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Eric Wallace



Phone: 763 291-3999




     North Hennepin Community College

     Associates of Fine Arts





Orrick, Dave "Maple Grove Man Drops Out of School to Make Spearing Fish Decoys." Pioneer Press St. Paul 31 Jan. 2016:

     8C, 9C. Print


Raguse, Emily. "Maple Grove Man Crafts Fish Decoys." YouTube.

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2023 The Gathering Perham, MN

      1st Place Best of Show Central Mudminnow (Worker)

     1st Place Central Mudminnow (Worker)

     Runner Up Best of Show Tiger Striped Fish (Worker)

     1st Place Tiger Striped Fish (Worker)

     1st Place Largemouth Bass (Worker)

     5th Place Pileated Woodpecker (Worker)

     5th Place Yellow Perch (Worker)

     3rd Place Northern Snakehead (Decorative)

     3rd Place Burbot (Decorative)

     2nd Place World Cup Black Crappie (Decorative)

     1st Place White Bass (Decorative)

     1st Place White Crappie Plaque (Decorative Carving)


2023 44th Annual ODCCA Ohio GLFDA Championship

      1st Place, Best of  Best Of Show Cutthroat Trout (Working)

     1st Place Best of Show Walleye (Decorative)

2022 World Championship- Monroe, MI

     1st Place Walleye (Decorative)

     1st Place Blotchside Log Perch (Decorative)

     2nd Place Bluegill (Decorative)

     1st Place Cutthroat Trout (working)

     1st Place Largemouth Bass (Working)

     3rd Place  Yellow Perch (working)

     3rd Place Black Crappie (Working)

     3rd Place Gar (Working)

     2nd Place Flounder (FFDI)

2022 The Gathering - Perham, MN

     Best of Show- Working Largemouth Bass

     4th Place North American World Cup -Brook Trout

     3rd Place Decorative Largemouth Bass

     Decorative Golden Shiner

     Decorative Razorback Sucker

     1st Place Doug Davis Working Gar

     1st Place Doug Davis Working Tiger Trout

     1st Place Doug Davis Working Largemouth Bass

     1st Place Otis Lael Folk Art Steelhead

     2nd Place Decorative Grayling

     2nd Place Lake Superior Lake Trout

     1st Place Keystone Classic Atlantic Salmon

     2nd Place Keystone Classic Golden Trout

     2nd Place South Dakota Red Tailed Chub

     4th Place  Chain Pickerel 

     3rd Place Decorative Snapping Turtle

     1st Place Decorative Walleye Plaque

     4th Place Tiger Trout Plaque

     3rd Place Northern Eating Crawfish 


2022 43rd Annual Ohio ODCCA GLFDA Championship

      Best of Show - Tiger Trout Worker

      Best of Show Workers- Tiger Trout

      Best of Show Decorative- Razorback Sucker

      1st Place - Tiger Trout

      1st Place- Razorback Sucker

2021 World Championship- Monroe, MI

     World Championship Best of Show

     1st Place Best of Show - Working (Tiger Trout)

     1st Place Tiger Trout- Working

     1st Place Paddlefish - Working

     1st Place Largemouth Bass - Working

     2nd Place Northern Pike- Decorative

     2nd Place Razorback Sucker- Decorative

     3rd Place Atlantic Salmon- Decorative

     3rd Place- Natural Finish Jig Stick


     1st Place Best of Show FFDI Folk Art Foureye Butterfly Fish


2019 World Championships- Monroe, MI

     1st Place Lake Trout- Decorative

     3rd Place FFDI -Pearly Razorfish



2019 NFLCC- Ft. Wayne, IN

     1st Place Pink Salmon Decoy

    3rd Place Brown Trout Decoy

     3rd Place Gizzard Shad Musky Lure

     1st Place 18 inch Cisco Musky Lure

2019 The Gathering- Perham, MN

     4th Place Tiger Muskie

     2nd Place Black Crappie

     3rd Place Walleye

     2nd Place Rainbow Trout


     4th Place Drum -Keystone Championship 

     3rd Place Smallmouth Bass World Cup

     5th Place Trout Perch   

     5th Place Bait Shop Sign Texas Championship



2018 World Championship - Monroe, MI

     1st Place Walleye

     1st Place Florida Fish Decoy Spanish Hogfish

     1st Place Collaborative Fish Decoy

2018 National Fishing Lure Carvers and Collectors Show

     1st Place Mirror Carp Decoy

     2nd Place Northern Hog Sucker Musky Lure

2018 The Gathering- Perham, MN

     4th Place Northern Pike

     5th Place Bluegill

     5th Place Yellow Perch

     5th Place Rainbow Shiner

     3rd Place Texas Championship Frog Plaque

     1st Place San Francisco Garter Snake

     5th Place Channel Catfish

     1st Place Totem Decoy

     2nd Place Angler Fish


2018 Rudy Zweig Decoy Show- Alexandria, MN

     1st Place Yellow Perch trio carved mount 

2017 World Championship- Monroe, MI

     2nd Place Smallmouth Bass

     3rd Place Brook Trout

     2nd Place Deluxe Jig Stick

     1st Place Collaborative Decoy Championship

     HM 5-10 inch Folk Art

     2nd Place Florida Fish Decoy Invitational

     2nd Place Sockeye Salmon

    1st Place Sunfish


2017 The Gathering-Perham, MN 

     4th Place Rainbow Trout

     5th Place Brown Trout

     5th Place Yellowstone Cutthroat

     4th Place Sockeye Salmon

     1st Place Blue Dragon Sea Slug

     4th Place Keystone Smallmouth Bass

     4th Place Jig Stick

     1st Place Predator/sunfish Plaque

     1st Place Showdown Coho Salmon

     4th Place Pirate Perch

     2nd Place Stonecat


2017 Alexandria Midstate Chapter Darkhouse Contest 

     2nd Place Dual Largemouth Bass Mount



2016 World Championship Fish Decoy Show- Monroe, MI 

     Working Decoys

     2nd Place Bass

     HM Brown Trout

     3rd Place Rainbow Trout

     3rd Place Sucker


     Decorative Decoys

     1st Place Smallmouth Bass

     1st Place Northern Pike

     1st Place Rainbow Trout

     1st Place Minnow

     HM Walleye

     2nd Place All Other Warm-Water Species


     Folk Art

     1st Place Critter

     2nd Place Cheater

     2nd Place Over 10 Inches


     Jig Sticks

     2nd Place Working

     HM Natural Finish


     Wall Fish Plaques

     HM Walleye Fish Plaque


     2nd Place Commander in Chief




2016 National Fish Carvers Guild-National Fish Carving/Sculpture Championship 

     2nd Place Northern Pike Decoy


2016 Minnesota State Fair Creative Activities

     1st Place Walleye Plaque


2016 Maple Grove Days Fine Art Show

     2nd Place Award of Excelence


2016 The Gathering, Perham, MN

     World Points Champion



     2nd Place Bluegill Sunfish

     5th Place Northern Pike

     3rd Place Walleye

     2nd Place Largemouth Bass


    Airbrush Only

     2nd Place Tiger Muskie

     2nd Place Rainbow Trout

     2nd Place Lake Trout

     2nd Place Grayling


     Open Paint

     4th Place Small Mouth Bass

     5th Place Black Crappie

     2nd Place Barred Muskie

     4th Place Male Sockeye Salmon

     1st Place Channel Catfish

     2nd Place Golden Shiner

     5th Place Cutthroat Trout

     4th Place Pumpkinseed Sunfish



     3rd Place Northern Studfish

     3rd Place Gizzard Shad

     1st Place Black Red Horse


     Fish House Decoys

     5th Place Perch

     3rd Place Red N' White Sucker


     Saltwater Division

     3rd Place Madarin Dragonet

     3rd Place Shark

     3rd Place Saddleback Grouper


     Folk Art Decoys

     2nd Place Moth

     2nd Place P-51 Mustang

     2nd Place Sheephead

     3rd Place Submarine


     Ebay Class

     3rd Place Ebay Class Sauger


     Bird Categories

     5th Place Woodpecker


2015 Bob Johnson Invitational- Little Falls, MN

     1st Place Rainbow Trout

     1st Place Lake Trout

     3rd Place yellow Perch

     2nd Place Smallmouth Bass

     2nd Place Brook Trout

     1st Place Golden Trout

     2nd Place Barred Muskie

     4th Place Channel Catfish

     2nd Place Golden Shiner

     1st Place Pumpkinseed Sunfish

     1st Place Black Red Horse

     1st Place Northern Stud Fish

     1st Place Sheephead

     4th Place Submarine

     4th Place Whitefish



2015 Park Rapids Decoy Show- Park Rapids, MN

     3rd Place Cutthroat Trout

     2nd Place P51 Mustang

     3rd Place Gizzard Shad

     5th Place Perch

     1st Place Grayling

     2nd Place Tiger Muskie



2015 World Championship Decoy Show- Monroe, MI

     Fish House Decoy Categories

          3rd Place Sucker

           HM Rainbow Trout


     Decorative Working Decoy Categories

          2nd Place Smallmouth Bass

          2nd Place Northern Pike

          1st Place Sturgeon

          3rd Place Brown Trout

          1st Place Frog

          2nd Place Walleye

          1st Place King Salmon Parr  


     Folk Art

          2nd Place Natural Finish



2015 New York Mills, MN

     3rd Place Peoples Choice

     5th Place Red & White Sucker

     3rd Place Sockeye Salmon

     1st Place Ebay

     5th Place Ebay

     2nd Place Northern Pike


2015 The Gathering- Perham, MN

     5th Place World Points Series

     Most Improved Carver of the Year


     Airbrush Categories

          3rd Place Northern Pike

          5th Place Artic Char

          3rd Place Golden trout

          5th Place Brook Trout


     Open Paint Categories

          5th Place Peacock Bass


     Minnow Categories

          4th Place Southern Star Head Top Minnow


     Saltwater Division

          1st Place Black Fin Tuna

          2nd Place Black Drum

          5th Place California Yellowtail


     Otis Leal Folk Art Division

          3rd Place Bullhead


     Larry Lange Decoy Kit

          3rd Place Frog



          3rd Place Stream of Trout


2015 Rudy Zweig Invitational- Alexandria, MN

     1st Place Sturgeon

     2nd Place Black Drum

     3rd Place Sucker

     4th Place Perch

     4th Place Black Fin Tuna


2015 Bob Johnson Invitational- Little Falls, MN

     1st Place Northern Pike

     2nd Place Walleye

     2nd Place Peacock Bass

     3rd Place Artic Char

     4th Place Brook Trout

     4th Place Golden Trout


2014 The Gathering- Perham, MN

     Junior Division Decorative Working

          2nd Place Walleye

          2nd Place Northern Pike

          3rd Place Brown Trout

          4th Place Brook Trout


2010 - present

2010 - present

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