Totem Decoy
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    Totem Decoy:

    A stylized decoy that I entered at the recent competition in Perham, MN. This style of decoy is a cousin of the native totem pole. There are many different images on the decoy that are representative of someone, in this case, it is personal to myself. All the images represent some of my favorite hobbies; deer hunting, turkey hunting, morel hunting and duck hunting as well as cat fishing, fly fishing, bow fishing and spearing. I even carved a decoy into the side of the decoy because well, I enjoy carving decoys every now and then. Before graduating high school I knew I wanted to make art full time, I just didn’t know what kind of art it would be yet. I explored many different mediums and styles to see what I enjoyed the best. Some of these are incorporated into this decoy; pyrography/wood burning, charcoal drawing, painting, brush and airbrushing and wood carving. The native style is also included in the head, eagle wings (pectoral fins) and part of the dorsal fin. Jay McEvers is a decoy carver that has carved before me who carved his own totem style decoy. I honored him with the engine turned pelvic fins (copper) and anal fin (brass). This has been my most personal decoy that I have ever carved, and I hope the story it tells gives you a little glimpse into who I am as an artist and my art career over the past 8 years or so. This decoy won 1st place at the show which is a purchase award. It was tough to go home without it but I know it will be enjoyed by someone else now and that’s why I create art.